Philosophy & Aims

At Kennedy School we aim to create a caring and secure environment in which every child feels happy, confident and valued as an individual. Members of staff encourage each pupil to achieve thier personal best. Since success or failure in life depends upon the way in which children feel about themselves and their relationships with others, we do not confine our activities to the classroom but provide opportunities for a wide variety of experiences in extra-curricular activities, in field trips and in community involvement.

At Kennedy, as in most primary schools today, the emphasis is on creating a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere which is conducive to learning and fostering each child’s creative, aesthetic, intellectual, social, moral and emotional development. The teacher’s role is to create and direct children’s experiences, to act as a consultant and guide and to monitor and record what is learned.

We are not only concerned with the preparation for secondary school but with the development of the child as a whole during six very important years. Qualities of self-discipline, integrity, respect and generosity are encouraged and pupils are helped to develop a positive self-image together with consideration and respect for the feelings of others. We want our children to develop a tolerance and understanding of other cultures and religions, thus enabling them to experience more fully and consciously all that life has to offer.