The Arts

The arts provide:

  • a means of communication
  • opportunities for becoming skillful and creative
  • a means of expression of both emotional and intellectual perspectives
  • exposure to other cultures and other times
  • a means of accessing other disciplines
  • a vehicle for wondering, reflecting and consolidating.

At Kennedy School, students will learn the disciplines of Visual Arts, Music and Drama.
In all areas of learning, imagination, creativity and original thinking are encouraged.

The creative disciplines of visual arts, music and drama are closely connected to each other, as well as having strong links to other disciplines. The arts are taught as both ‘standalones’ and within the Units of Inquiry. Each class engages in an inquiry into ‘How we express ourselves’ each year. These units provide opportunities to explore the transdisciplinary nature of the arts in a wider context.

Creativity is at the heart of the arts. It allows for innovation, interpretation, research and analysis. Learning through the arts has a powerful impact on self-esteem and creative development, which needs to carry over to all aspects of learning. Valuing imagination and celebrating original thinking is essential in promoting initiative and a lifelong love of learning.

Students are provided with opportunities to reflect upon their creative work and to share their achievements with teachers, peers and families. They are also encouraged to develop responsible attitudes and find appropriate ways to take action through the arts, in order to make a difference in and to the world. Appropriate action could involve presenting, exhibiting, celebrating, communicating and sharing in a variety of ways.

Visual Arts

Visual arts is an integral aspect of the Units of Inquiry as well as offering discrete opportunites for students to be creative and develop their skills of self-expression.


Music is the study and exploration of sound and the expressive use of musical elements through the singing of songs and the playing of instruments. Students will develop musical ideas in composition using musical ideas and notations. They will experience a wide range of songs from different cultures and will perform them with sensitivity, accuracy and commitment. They will gain an awareness and appreciation of music in all its forms from a range of times, places and cultures.

Through creative exploration and expression, students will reach an emotional and conceptual understanding of dramatic performance. They will bring performances to life by creating and sustaining roles whilst working individually and with others. The students use language and actions to explore and convey situations, characters and emotions. They can comment constructively on drama they have watched or in which they have taken part.