Music is the study and exploration of sound and the expressive use of musical elements through the singing of songs and the playing of instruments. Students will develop musical ideas in composition using musical notation. They will gain an awareness and appreciation of music in all its forms from a range of times, places and cultures. Students will experience a wide range of songs from different cultures and from different times they will perform them with sensitivity and accuracy. They will create their own music and perform it to others using increasingly sophisticated instruments, and be able to interpret the music of others through the understanding of complex notation.

 Through creative exploration and expression, students will reach an emotional and conceptual understanding of dramatic performance. Students will make immediate connections between fantasy and real-life situations. They will practise self-discipline in the presentation of material to an audience as well as within the role of the audience. They will incorporate production elements effectively to enhance their work, using costume, make-up, set, lights, sound and props. Students will bring original text to life using a variety of conventions. They will explore the way the body and voice can be manipulated to depict a character, an emotion or a concept through a variety of exercises.
Students will be introduced to performance conventions from other cultures and will be given the opportunity to practise these in their dramas. Where possible, they will be exposed to a variety of performance and/or presentation experiences; they will be encouraged to discuss and evaluate what they have seen, to identify what was effective and to begin to transfer these discoveries to the presentation of their own work.
In both Music & Drama Students will also work towards creating a healthy group dynamic, where students feel comfortable making suggestions and accepting criticism on how their work, and the work of others, can be developed. They will listen carefully to suggestions and will begin to be able to apply these to the development of their work. They will be able to work independently, in pairs, in small groups and as a class group. They may use a journal to reflect on and evaluate their work, to record their ideas, their discoveries and the subjects being addressed.
Students will have the opportunity to identify and reflect upon “big ideas” in both Music and Drama by making connections between the questions asked and the concepts that drive the inquiry. They will become aware of the relevance these concepts have to all of their learning through the transdisciplinary units of inquiry.