Personal, Social and Health Education teaching and learning takes place almost entirely within the Units of Inquiry. During each unit students should reflect on what they have learnt and assess whether they have any personal responsibility to act on their new knowledge and understanding. The units under the transdisciplinary themes of ‘Who we are’ & ‘How we express ourselves’ specifically address objectives in the PSHE Scope and Sequence. PSHE teaching also takes place in response to the needs and interests of the students and to issues arising. All teachers at Kennedy School are PSHE teachers, in particular through the promotion of the IB Learner Profile and Attitudes.

PSHE is concerned with the ongoing development and growth of the individual in respect to feelings, beliefs and behaviours, and how they interrelate. It also considers the interaction of the individual within the family, school, community, society and the world at large. PSHE is included in the curriculum in order to help students develop an understanding of how to manage and communicate their feelings; understand how their choices and practices can promote and maintain their health and safety; develop an awareness of social norms and perspectives; build relationships and develop an appreciation of commonalities and differences; develop strategies to resolve conflicts; recognize their rights and responsibilities towards others and the environment and develop self-management strategies to become a successful learner.