Social Studies

Social Studies is the study of people in relation to their past, their present and their future, their environment and their society. It encourages curiosity and develops an understanding of a rapidly changing world. We aim to guide students towards a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and of their place in an increasingly global society. We provide opportunities for students to look at and think about human behaviour and activity realistically, objectively and with sensitivity.

At Kennedy School all planned Social Studies learning takes place within the PYP Units of Inquiry. Structured, purposeful inquiry is the main approach to teaching and learning Social Studies. Elements of Social Studies, including Environmental and Sustainable Development are included in most Units of Inquiry.

The Social Studies component of the curriculum provides opportunities for students to:

  • formulate and ask questions about the past, the future, places and society
  • draw information from, and respond to, stories about the past from geographical and societal sources
  • use and analyse evidence from a variety of historical and geographical sources
  • sequence in chronological order
  • orientate in relation to place and time
  • identify roles, rights and responsibilities in society
  • assess the accuracy, validity and possible bias of sources.

These opportunities occur within the following five strands:

Human Systems and Economic Activities
Social Organisation and Culture
Continuity and Change Throughout Time
Human and Natural Environments
Resources and the Environment