Parent - Teacher Consultation

Parent-teacher consultation evenings provide the formal meetings when teachers spend an agreed amount of time with each set of parents to discuss their child’s progress, share any concerns, set targets and agree ways in which the child can be supported at home and at school.

  • In September, each teacher meets with the class parents as a group in a “Meet the Teacher” evening. This is an opportunity to inform parents of the curriculum, of classroom and homework routines and of the expectations for the year.
  • Individual parent-teacher consultation evenings take place in October/November and March.
  • In June, parents may, if they wish, meet with the teacher to discuss the annual report.
  • In addition, parents may make an appointment to meet with the teacher at any time throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress or to share concerns. An annual pupil report, prepared and distributed in June, contains the following elements:
  • - details of the child’s personal and social development and attitude to learning
    - information on the child’s progress and achievements in all subject areas
    - the next steps in learning for English, Mathematics and personal development
    - the child’s own self-evaluation of the year
    - a comment form for parents to respond to the report
    - record of attendance when a child leaves the school (Please give a notice of departure in order that a leaver’s report may be provided for the new school.)