School Buses

Bus Information

The PTA runs a bus service for students serving the catchment area of Kennedy School. This is a non-fund raising service run for the benefit of the bus users.

Buses are fitted with seatbelts for the children’s safety, and have a Bus Mother who maintains an accurate register, and looks after the children on the bus.


Bus Routes and Fares


Please note that we cannot offer a door-to-door service for the buses but where possible, taking into consideration safety, efficiency and sufficient number of students, we will try to accommodate your request.

Click here to see the routes for 2016/17



Bus fees are payable in advance. The level of fees depends on whether a stop is termed 'short route' or 'long route'.  You can choose to pay by term, or for the whole year.

Click here to see the fees for 2016/17



Click here for the 2016/17 bus application form



All students travelling on the school buses should be aware of, and follow, the bus regulations.

Please read the bus regulations with your child.



See ‘Inclement Weather Procedures’. This gives clear advice on what happens, and what to do, in the event of school closure whilst in session due to an upgrading of the typhoon signal.  Advice is also given on the procedures in place for amber / red and black rainstorm warnings.