School Development Plan

Kennedy School has a 3 year strategic plan for 2015 - 2018 and an annual development plan.

Our longer term strategic goals for 2015 - 2018 are:

1.      Curriculum  (Written, Taught) - To embed a cohesive curriculum; seeing policy rooted into practice to ensure the curriculum is relevant and engaging for all.

2.      Teaching and Learning -  teaching and learning differentiates instruction to meet students learning needs and styles.

3.      Assessment - consistency in the assessment of the taught curriculum through school wide effective use of data, tracking and moderation to inform teaching.

4.      Resources – deployment of physical and human resources to ensure high quality teaching and learning.

5.      Philosophy - embedding the school’s ‘mission and vision’ creating opportunities for all stakeholders to be active and authentic members of the Kennedy community.

6.      Leadership and Organisation - build leadership capacity to manage change and engage communities at every level.

7.      Learning Environment - Improve spaces across the school to maximize learning opportunities.


Kennedy School Development Priorities 2015 - 2016                                      


To develop the involvement of the community to embed the school’s mission and vision - “Inspire, Achieve, Excel”.


To refine leadership roles and responsibilities and develop leadership capacity throughout the school including student leadership.


-          Teaching and Learning

To review the teaching and learning of Mental Maths, Spelling and Phonics across the school.  To enhance teaching and learning practices and differentiation in the classroom.


-          Policies

This year we will be reviewing the following policies :

  • Assessment
  • Marking/feedback
  • Behaviour
  • Homework
  • Presentation

-          Assessment

To introduce new reporting system for parents and to continue to refine our tracking procedures using Gateway for student progress in English and maths.



To improve spaces across the school to maximise learning opportunities including the garden areas and the school hall.