ePayment General Information

Kennedy School has set up an ePayment system to save parents from sending cash and or cheques to meet miscellaneous charges at the school.
The miscellaneous charges cover a wide range of incidental expenses and activities such as stationery, books, swimming, extra-curricular activities, field trips, camps, sporting trips, etc.
Each student will be assigned a personalized ePayment account in the ESF Gateway System in which school will debit the account for the activities undertaken individually. Parents will be able to check the account details, balance and transaction records online via the ePayment module in the ESF Gateway System.
For the system to work effectively, parents are asked to add credit to their ePayment account when necessary.

If there are insufficient funds to cover your child’s termly costs, please credit your child’s ePayment account with a minimum default amount of $1000. Deposits of a lower amount of money will be rejected by the system.

Deposits of a lower amount of money would very quickly be exhausted and the school would then need to remind parents to re-deposit money as there were insufficient funds to cover the cost of the various school activities. The purpose of the ePayment system is to reduce unnecessary admin time for our office staff and reduce the need for multiple payments from parents. In addition to this there is a $2 handling charge for each payment received by the school. We cover the cost of this but would not wish to pay extra unnecessary costs.

Any unused credit balance can be carried forward to the following term or in the case of Year 6 children, the balance can be transferred to the account of a younger sibling in school or parents will get a refund.



  • Internet banking bill payment (Similar as utilities bill payments)

Using HSBC as an example, go to ‘bill payment’ – ‘add new merchant’ – category – ‘education institution’ – merchant – ‘Kennedy School – Mis Fee’ – type in your ‘bill payee account no’ (which is your child’s miscellaneous fees reference number that can be found in Gateway under Admin > ePayment next to your child’s name; it is 8 digit number starting with 66). Please note that you need to have an HSBC credit card if you bank online with HSBC but other banks have slightly different arrangements. Please click here for more information on other participating banks.

You will need to know Kennedy School PPS Merchant Code: 6067 and your child’s miscellaneous fees reference number (this can be found in Gateway under Admin > ePayment, next to your child’s name; it is 8 digit number starting with 66).

Please refer to the guidelines at the bottom of this page for more detailed information.

Parents are notified before an amount is debited from their accounts. Should an account have insufficient funds, an email will be sent to parents to request for additional deposit.
If you forget your Gateway login and/or password, you may retrieve them via the Gateway login page. Click “forgot password or login name”, enter your email address and the info will be sent to your email address.
If you have any questions regarding the ESF Gateway login or any technical problems, please email:
If you have any ePayment account queries, please email: epay@kennedy.edu.hk

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